Word of God

I had a recent reflection on the term “word of God”. We refer to Jesus (second person of the trinity) as the word of God. “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God, etc.” -John 1.

Although Jesus had two wills (divine and human), his human will was not swallowed up by his divinity (poor Pope Honorius received a harsh condemnation in Third Constantinople for not standing up against this which is a topic for another time). With that said, his human will co-existed with his divine will and was in perfect harmony with his divine will. His human will never contradicted his divine will, but it was still necessary to have that human will (just like his human body and soul) so that he was fully “human” in order to redeem us.

Likewise, we use the phrase “word of God” to also refer to scripture, which has a parallel notion of humanity and divinity co-existing. The humanity of the human authors (their writing style, culture, etc.) was not swallowed up (or absorbed) by the divine message from God, but co-existed with the divine word without contradicting it. Just as the human nature was necessary in Jesus to redeem us, the humanity of the human authors of scripture was necessary to put the divine “word of God” into human form using human phrases that we can understand and relate to.

Jesus lowered himself and took on human form (Phillippians 2) in the same way that God lowered his perfect and complete intellect to speak to us in a way that we can understand through scripture.

Happy Trinity Sunday and God bless you all!