#48: Gluttony (Deadly Sin Series 5 of 7)

Today’s episode on gluttony is the fifth in a seven part series on the seven deadly sins.


Saint Quote of the Week

“As long as the vice of gluttony has a hold on a man, all that he has done valiantly is forfeited by him: and as long as the belly is unrestrained, all virtue comes to naught.” – Pope St. Gregory the Great


Recommended Reading

Temperance and the Art of Eating by Edward Sri

The Fulfillment of All Desire by Ralph Martin

Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross

Summa II-II, Q. 148 (Gluttony)


Challenge of the Week

Fast on bread and water for one whole day.  Make sure that your fasting is accompanied by prayer.


Dinner Table Questions

1. When do you think someone has crossed the line into gluttony when it comes to eating and drinking?
2. Do you think that monitoring the types of foods you eat (avoiding junk food and eating healthy wholesome food) will help to prevent over-eating?
3. Have you ever experienced “spiritual gluttony”?  What temptations do you have toward spiritual gluttony?


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