#35: Spiritual Works of Mercy

On today’s episode, we discuss the spiritual works of mercy.

  1. To instruct the ignorant
  2. To counsel the doubtful
  3. To admonish sinners
  4. To bear wrongs patiently
  5. To forgive offences willingly
  6. To comfort the afflicted
  7. To pray for the living and the dead

Saint Quote of the Week

“Be apostles of divine mercy under the maternal and loving guidance of Mary.” – St. John Paul II

Recommended Watching and Reading

Watch the short videos on the works of mercy at dynamiccatholic.com

Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul by St. Maria Faustina Kowalska

Challenge of the Week

Pick one or two of the tips that we have provided on the spiritual works of mercy and implement it into your life.  Try to focus on the spiritual works of mercy during Lent and throughout the Year of Mercy.

Dinner Table Questions

1. How can you live out the works of mercy in your life? In your family? Make a specific list.
2. Do you have a hard time forgiving others who have harmed you? What would help you to forgive?

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