#32: Happy New Year!

On today’s episode, we discuss our plans for the new year and read some listener feedback. We also address a very important email we received from Zac about one of our movie recommendations on the Christmas Extravaganza episode.

Please check out the new Full of Grace movie, the story of Mary the mother of Jesus.


You can buy the DVD from Amazon by clicking HERE.

Our listener Trev informed us that the Carol of the Bells is of Ukrainian origin. This carol was featured in our Christmas Extravaganza episode. He also sent us a couple Ukrainian videos. Check them out!

Ukrainian Bell Carol

Heaven and Earth Rejoice Now

Dinner Table Questions

1. Do you have any New Year resolutions? What are they and how do you plan to keep them?
2. When a Christian movie contains heretical material, at what point does it cross the line such that you would not recommend it to someone?
3. Was there something that stood out to you about the Christmas Mass?

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