#26: Godparents

On today’s episode, we discuss Godparenting and what it takes to be a good Godparent.

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Guidelines For Good Godparenting



Saint quotes of the week

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St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Bonaventure

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Recommended reading

Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly

The Russian Church and the Papacy by Vladimir Soloviev

Challenge of the week

1. Get in touch with your Godparents if you have not been in contact with them.  Pray for them if you are unable to contact them.
2. If you are a Godparent, purchase a thoughtful religious gift for your godchild on their birthday, Christmas, etc.  Buy them something that will support their Catholic faith such as a bible, rosary, book, DVD or statue.

Dinner Table Questions

1. What type of relationship do you have with your godparents?
2. If you’re a godparent, how can you be a better one?
3. If you’re a parent, do you encourage your child to spend time with their godparents?
4. What do you think would make a good gift for a godchild on Christmas?
5. If you are married and planning to have children, have you thought about who you would want to be the godparents?

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