#25: Favorite Popes and History of the Papacy

On today’s episode, we discuss fun facts about the papacy and some of Dan’s favorite popes. Dan challenges Kevin with ten trivia questions on the papacy. See how many you can get right! We also discover that Kevin’s new favorite pontiff is Pope Lando (reigned 913-914)!

DISCLAIMER: Dan here. That loud annoying sound that you hear periodically throughout the episode is me banging on my laptop keyboard. This was our second recording with both of us together in the same room, so the microphone was situated between us and picks up a lot of keyboard noise. I need to learn not to abuse my keyboard so much! My apologies for the distracting noise.


Pope St. Pius V (reigned 1566-1572)

Check out this video of Pope Leo XIII (reigned 1878-1903) which is the oldest known video recording of a pope!

Saint quote of the week
“Don’t be anxious about what you have, but about what you are. ” – Pope St. Gregory the Great (reigned 590-604)

Recommended reading
Read one of the messages from Pope Francis’ visit to the United States. Full texts (and some videos) can be found by clicking here.

List of Popes at New Advent. This list includes every pope and antipope. You can click the links on each pope which will take you to their entry in the Catholic Encyclopedia. You can study some of the popes mentioned on this episode, or explore the list and study any pope you want!

Challenge of the week
Pope Francis talked about the culture of consumerism in his address to bishops at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania on September 27, 2015. He states: “Today consumerism determines what is important. Consuming relationships, consuming friendships, consuming religions, consuming, consuming… Whatever the cost or consequences. A consumption which does not favor bonding, a consumption which has little to do with human relationships. Social bonds are a mere “means” for the satisfaction of “my needs”. The important thing is no longer our neighbor, with his or her familiar face, story and personality. The result is a culture which discards everything that is no longer “useful” or “satisfying” for the tastes of the consumer.”

Reflect on this statement. Does consumerism dominate your life? Focus on shifting from a mentality of consumerism to a mentality of developing lasting human relationships.

Dinner Table Questions
1. Who is your favorite pope and why?
2. Do you know anything about popes that reigned prior to the Second Vatican Council?
3. Have you ever read an encyclical? Did it impact your life in any way?
4. Did you know that the church has a history of antipopes?
5. Do you have a proper understanding of the dogma of papal infallibility?

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