#16: News Recap & Gifts of the Holy Spirit

On today’s episode, we discuss recent events in the news and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Attention all parents with school-age children!  See if there is a Chesterton Academy near you!

Our transition song halfway through this episode (“Since You Been Gone”) was written by Heather & Marty (more great artists from Dan’s hometown of Effingham, Illinois).  Check out their website by clicking here.  Please check out their new album on iTunes.  You can even invite them to play during the cocktail hour at your wedding or other social event!

Saint quote of the week
“Three things are necessary to everyone regardless of status, sex or age: truth of faith which brings understanding, love of Christ which brings compassion, endurance of hope which brings perseverance.” – St. Bonaventure (feast on July 15 which is Dan AND Kevin’s birthday!!)

Recommended reading or listening
The Lanky Guys podcast

Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton

Summa Theologiae on the gifts of the holy spirit

Challenge of the week
Enjoy the beauty of God in some way. Utilize the gift of fear of the Lord by being in awe of the beauty of God.


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