#8: Holy Hour (minicast)

On this minicast, we discuss tips for making a good holy hour of adoration in the presence of the blessed sacrament.

Five tips for adoration from “Adore My Son With Your Heart” by Fr. Slavko Barbaric
1. Scriptures: If you are alone, meditate on the Scriptures in silence
2. Remain in slience: In your heart, take time to converse with Jesus
3. Include others in your prayer: Talk to Jesus about those you love and those you don’t
4. Physical behavior: Find a comfortable position to pray. Kneeling is the preferred posture. Remember, the devil doesn’t have knees but you do!
5. Learn from others: Talk to people about what they do in adoration, their experiences and difficulties.​

On this episode, Dan mentioned a talk about Holy Hours from Bishop Fulton Sheen. We were actually able to find three talks that covered this subject!

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