#7: Reading the Bible

On today’s show, we discuss that big book on the coffee table, the bible.

Looking for a good translation of the bible or commentaries?  Check these out:

Interested in trying out Lectio Divina? Follow the daily meditations of the Order of Carmelites by clicking HERE.

Do you like praying the Psalms? Perhaps the Divine Office is for you. Go to DivineOffice.org for the Liturgy of the Hours, or check out DivinumOfficium.com for a historical look at older versions of the Divine Office. (NOTE: The “Rubrics 1960” option is considered the Extraordinary Form of the Divine Office and is only considered the “prayer of the church” when prayed in Latin. The English translations may be prayed for devotional/private use.)

Do you want hard copies of the Divine Office and are willing to shell out some serious cash? Go HERE for the current Liturgy of the Hours, and HERE for the Extraordinary Form of the Divine Office for you hardcore Latin fans.

Saint quote of the week
“Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ.” – St. Jerome

Recommended reading or listening
Kevin: The Bible! (or at least the Acts of the Apostles during Easter)

Dan: Three recommendations this week

  • FREE Online Bible Study Courses at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. This is a steal that these courses are being offered for free. Perhaps the only greater steal in the history of mankind was the good thief St. Dismas stealing heaven on the cross. If you like the online bible study courses above, you can find several other great resources on the bible from that website by clicking HERE.
  • Three old-school papal encyclicals on the scriptures:
    • Providentissimus Deus, Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Letter On the Study of Sacred Scripture, 1893
    • Spiritus Paraclitus, Pope Benedict XV, Encyclical Letter Commemorating the Fifteenth Centenary of the Death of St. Jerome, 1920
    • Divino Afflante Spiritu, Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Letter Promoting Biblical Studies, 1943
  • Treasure and Tradition, The Ultimate Guide to the Latin Mass by Lisa Bergman. Although this book follows the outline of the Traditional Latin Mass, it is jam packed with great information that is valuable for all Mass attenders. Please consider getting a copy even if you do not attend the Latin Mass, as I guarantee you will learn a ton of interesting facts about the Catholic Mass in general.

Challenge of the week
Read the whole bible in a year. Click HERE for a printable PDF file that will show you how to accomplish this.


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